Space Marines versus Rebel Imperial Guard

This small(ish) battle comprises 2500pts of Space Marines (with some Imperial Guard) versus 1000pts of Imperial Guard in an entrenched position. We were using some of the Forgeworld resin pieces. The pictures were taken using my old HP Photosmart camera, so are not the best in the world.

Robots in position ready to advance on the rebels.

Rebel Imperial Guard behind a Forgeworld defensive line prepare for the attack (note the resin Baneblades in reserve).

Close-up of the resin Baneblades.

Space Marines launch the attack, Dreadnoughts and Vindicators supported by Land Speeders and Bikes on the flank.

Land Speeders skim into battle.

Space Marines disembark from their Rhinos. Behind them the Robots who failed in their inita assault go into Overwatch.

Rebel Imperial Guard prepare their position.

Marine Whirlwinds are launching salvo after salvo, but are under repeated enemy counter-artiller fire.

Dreadnoughts and Vindicators move into position.

The fortifications start to weaken as rebel Baneblades move up to support the defence

The Space Marines come under heavy attack

The line holds, just…

The end result a rebel victory.