Orks versus Imperium

This battle comprises 2000pts of Orks mainly Kults of Speed and two Gargants, with a Snakebite Clan and Battlefortresses versus a mixed 2000pts Imperial force, comprising Imperial Guard tanks and infantry, an Imperial Titan, a Space Marine Expeditionary Force and two flights of Imperial Navy aircraft. The Orks consisting of eight detachments had four in reserve and were defending in an entrenched position. The Imperium with just the Marines in reserve had all their forces on the table. The pictures were taken using my old HP Photosmart camera, so are not the best in the world (sorry).

Ork forces in preparation for the Imperial attack. The Great Gargant strides in the middle, whilst the Orks behind (line up) ready for battle. The Ork force at this time comprising a Great Gargant, a Battlefortress and two detachments of mainly Battlewagons and Nobz, with some nice little bits such as Pulsa Rokkits, GunTrukks, Stompas, and some Stormboyz. In reserve were a Gargant, another Battlefortress, a Snakebite Clan detachment and a Kult of Speed.

More Orks prepare for battle as they realise that the Imperial Navy are about to attack. As both detachments contain Flakwagons go on special orders.

Imperial Leman Russ Tanks approach the battlefield.

More Leman Russ Tanks advance.

Imperial Flyers launch their attack, with a dedicated flightplan, minimal Ork AAA (it was out of range) and no Ork Fighter-Bommerz, it was an effective attack.


The result of the attack saw Battlewagons and Nobz taken out.

The Orks return fire (and as were on Overwatch) were pretty effective in taking out the screening Leman Russ Tanks.

The Great Gargant almost untouched by enemy fire, moves towards the Imperial Reaver.

An Imperial Guard detachment comes under heavy Ork attack and loses nearly all its armored fighting vehicles.

Orks assault an Imperial detachment with devastating results for the Imperium. Taking some damage the Orks prepare for another assault to finish the job off.

The Great Gargant and Reaver launch into a protracted assault. In the next turn the Great Gargant turned all its weaponry onto the Reaver and it was turned into a heap of molten slag metal, causing some damage to the Ork Great Gargant, which then turned its intentions to an Imperial Guard detachment whose main componeny was now just infantry.

Imperial Navy aircraft fly through the treetops.

An Orkish reserve detachment of Kult of Speed marches onto the battlefield, only to be massacred by an Imperial air attack.

The Kult of speed loses half its units in the air attack.

The Orks leave their defensive positions to assault the Imperial troops.

Imperial defenders await the Ork attack. Off to the side Space Marines land in drop pods and assault one of the Stompa heavy Ork detachments.

The Orks fight valiantly, but are forced to retreat into the survivors of the Kult of Speed

The Marines though were then attacked by the Snakebites and were nearly wiped out forced to retire pass the hulk of a burning battlefortress.

Ork Snakebites (Boarboyz and Squiggoths) relish their victory against the Space Marines.

Failing a leadership test meant the remains of this Ork detachment couldn’t finish the job.


The end result an Orkish victory.