Ork Strike Force versus Imperial Defence Line

This battle comprises a large force of Orks striking against an Imperial force comprising artillery and aircraft. It was a game to see if the Imperial forces could hold back overwhelming numbers of Orks. If we had more time we would have brought more Ork reinforcements onto the table, maybe another day…

Ork forces in preparation for the Imperial attack. As you can see a Battlefortress, lots of infantry (mainly Nobz), a bundle of Stompas, Squiggoths, loads of buggies and bikez, a fleet of battlewagons and at the back Trukks and Big Gunz.

Here are the Trukks towing Big Gunz and Pulsa Rokkits into battle.

Stompas and Bikeboyz rev their engines.

Now you can see the Gretchin cowering behind the Stompas.

Another shot of the Ork Bikeboyz.

The Wartraks, Skorchas start to move forward, as the Boarboyz and Squiggoths wait in reserve.

From this overhead shot you can see the Ork commander has read too many of the Sharpe novels… the Orks though under heavy fire, march fast to ensure that they can shoot and then assault the Imperial lines.

An Imperial Basilisk (ground mounted) awaits the Ork attack from the safety of their bunker.

Lots of artillery with infantry and AA support.

Imperial Navy strike aircraft realising the threat posed by the ork artillery, launch a major airstike against the detachment, Though taking a number of losses they did manage to destroy a third of the detachment and cause so much distruption and supression (read blast markers) that the detachment never once posed a threat to the Imperial forces.

Imperial Thunderbolts fly in low with Maurader Bombers

(a similar shot, but this time with flying bases)

The Imperial Artillery spent quite a bit of time on overwatch… hmm I wonder why?

…having just survived an artillery barrage, the Orks suddenly find themselves under air attack.

Imperial Navy Thunderbolts and Marauders fly in at low level to strike hard against the Orks.

Imperial Thunderbolts fly in low.

…and the result is well lots of dead Orks!