Ork Boss Games Day Limited Edition Model

I have always felt that if I pay £25 for a ticket into GamesDay I should get at least one miniature free.

Back in the good old days I do remember getting a goody bag, one which sticks in my mind contained a free Kroot sprue.

Now I know I could queue for (what seems like an age) and try one of the modelling stands and get some free plastic miniatures, but this year the queues were horrendous, last year I made a tree stand.

Every year (for a fair few years now) Games Workshop have released a limited edition Games Day miniature which is an additional cost to the price of the ticket.

By the way does it count as a limited edition if you can buy last years limited edition at this year’s show at a discount!

This year’s limited edition was an orc and a goblin, and yes I did buy it.

Games Day Limited Edition Model

This is how the model could look, as you can see above mine is still in the blister…

Games Day Limited Edition Model

I am intending to use it with my feral orks, looks like a nice model.

more soon…