I am using the Orc Command Sprue (from the Orc Boyz Regiment boxed set) to create some “cheap” Boar Boyz, but I am also using the remaining components to create some Feral Boyz. I am also using the components from the WH40K Ork Boyz sprue.

The other nice thing about the spure it includes a standard. Having now got a box of Warhammer Orcs I will be making some more Feral Orks. Having undercoated the model, I have done the metal bitz and skin like my regular Ork Boyz.

I have added some more detail in terms of their uniforms and webbing.

Feral Ork Boyz

Feral Ork Boyz

I have been adding some detailing to my Orc Ork conversions.

I have made the glyph on the back of the backplate neater (using black paint) and painted the wrist bands as well. The strip of bullets also got done as well.

These Ork huntaz use parts from the Warhammer 40000 Ork and Warhammer Fantasy Orc sprues.

This photograph shows the stages of painting, from the right you have the black undercoated Ork. The next model is shown with the drybrush of Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal. The next model has the skin tones painted with Snot Green. The final model on the left, has had its skin tones highlighted with Goblin Green and then further highlights of Goblin Green mixed with Bleached Bone.

These two models as you can see use a nice mix of Ork and Orc components.

Once the skin is done I ensure that the bases are painted Codex Grey and drybrushed white. Belts and pouches are done in shades of brown whilst the clothing is done in shades of grey to add a little uniformity to the Orks.

Teef are done with Bleached Bone and I highlight the browns and greys where possible. But there are gaming models and not competition entries therefore I don’t mind them not being perfect! I have done the bases on these models and added some more detailing.

In this photograph more of the Orks I have modelled. They started off with a black undercoat. I then drybrushed them with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal. I then gave the skin a coat of Snot Green.

I then gave the skin a highlight with Goblin Green before doing final highlights with a mixture of Goblin Green and Bleached Bone. The orks’ teeth are first done in Bleached Bone before final highlights of Skull White.

Rear view of the same miniatures, note that two of them have Shootaz.

This photo shows the models having had some further highlights.

Here are some more Huntaz I am working on, again using Orc and Ork parts.