Gaslamp Alley Terrace House

One of my purchases for Victorian Science Fiction games was a couple of Sarissa Precision buildings, Victorian brick buildings, part of their Gaslamp Alley range. I had bought the terrace house and the terrace shop. Here is the model as seen from the Sarissa website.

The Sarissa Precision models are laser cut MDF and come plain. I do quite like how the 4Ground models come pre-coloured and though I have few Sarissa Old West buildings, as these are made from wood, the plain MDF look works okay.

The Gaslamp Alley models are brick, so I originally decided when I was going to put mine together, I would paint them later. So when I read the instructions that it was suggested to paint the window frames and doors (which were etched onto card) and the walls before gluing them together, it meant I had to think quickly about how to paint the walls. The instructions did advise about doing it sparingly, my concern was that would the paint cover the eteching.

I took some I took some Vallejo (FoW) paint red brick colour (982 Cavalry Brown) and watered it down. I was quite apprehensive about the initial result, so had started with the chimney. However after it dried I was quite pleased with the final result.

After the walls were dry I picked out some individual bricks with the unwatered down 872 Chocolate Brown paint, and some varied brown paints, these included 983 Flat Earth and 872 Chocolate Brown.

After this I painted all the walls. I wasn’t sure about the window frames, decided a wood effect would be okay, so I used a watered down brown paint and almost drybrushed it.

For the roof and pavement I used 995 German Grey.

The model went together really easily, though with the way the walls fit to the floor, I wasn’t sure if I should fix the walls first and then put them in the floor. In the end I went with taking it one wall at a time, gluing it into the floor, and doing all four walls in one sitting, so that there was some movement flexibility whilst the glue was still wet.

I was quite pleased with the end result. The building was much deeper than I thought it would be and also much bigger.