74-Z Speeder Bikes

The 74-Z speeder bike was a model of speeder bike used by the Galactic Empire for combat reconnaissance purposes during the Galactic Civil War. They were usually piloted by scout troopers and were able to jam comlinks. All machinery the Empire deemed unnecessary was stripped off to maximize the speeder bike’s speed.

In the Star Wars Legion box you get two 74-Z speeder bikes with Scout Trooper riders.

The models go together really easily and I like the look of them.

The next stage will be a white undercoat. I did think about doing a black undercoat. Storm troopers appear to be wearing black with white armour plates. Giving the models a white undercoat doesn’t stop me from painting them (all) black, but I think I will try and avoid that. Another reason for a white undercoat is the bikes will be brown.

I painted the bikes with a shade of dark brown.

I will now finish the bikes before starting on the Scout Trooper riders.