Choctaw Charley

Choctaw Charley is part of VOW232 which includes Choctaw Charley & Ned Buck, Bitter Creek Todd & Blue Dog, Tuco & Cherokee Bill.

As you might expect the models come in a blister pack.

The model was based on a two pence coin and given a white undercoat.

Next stage was basecoating. His shoes are Chaos Black and his hat was Scorched Brown.

I then basecoated his poncho.

I added flesh tones, using Citadel Elf Flesh.

I mentioned on my blog that I wasn’t that happy with the basing of my Old West miniatures. As a result I have been adding green stuff to the coins I was using for bases. This should mean thatt he bases don’t look so coin-like when they are textured and painted.

Using a dark red I painted his holster.