StuG G Assault Guns

StuG G Assault Gun

The final and by far the most common of the StuG series. The Ausf. G used the hull of the Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. M. Upper superstructure was widened: welded boxes on either sides were abandoned. This new superstructure design increased its height to 2160mm. Backside wall of the fighting compartment got straightened, and ventilation fan on top of the superstructure was relocated to the back of fighting compartment. From March 1943, driver’s periscope was abandoned. From May 1943, side hull skirts (schurzen) were fitted to G models for added armor protection particularly against anti-tank rifles. Side skirts were retro-fitted to some Ausf. F/8 models, as they were be fitted to all front line StuGs and other tanks by June 1943 in preparation for the battle of Kursk. Mountings for side skirts proved inadequate, many were lost in the field. From March 1944, improved mounting was introduced, as a result side skirts are seen more often with late model Ausf G.

These miniatures come in the Open Fire Flames of War starter set.

The StuGs come all in resin with separate metal main weapons. If you buy the StuGs individually they come with metal tracks.

Side view.

The gun barrels were fixed by superglue.

I gave the two models a white undercoat.

Then the models were given a base coat of a Humbrol brown spray.

I always find painting camouflage a real challenge and have never really been very happy with my previous result. This time I decided with these StuGs that I would try harder. I used a dark green paint, but I thinned it a fair bit so it flowed more easily. I am quite happy with the end result. I now need to add a dark red brown to complete the camouflage.

However after looking at some models online and discussions with Simon, decided that the brown was way too dark.

I bought some FoW Warpaint, for Late War German Armour and used that on the model.

Much happier as a result

I painted the tracks German Grey (995) and the underneath with GW Chaos Black.