Street Barricades

When a sneak peek of these appeared on the Flames of War website I knew that I wanted to get a set. Couldn’t get one from my usual shops, so in the end I had to send off for a box. Even then it took a while to get here.



Within the box you get two identical street sections, one overturned Opel Blitz and one pile of barricade, both designed to fill the gaps in the street sections. All are made from resin.

These are very nice castings and lots of detail.

Before I started painting them I looked over these excellent painting guides from Battlefront.

I like how in the tutorial they have painted the truck as a civillian truck.

The first thing I did after washing the resin models to remove any remaining mould lubribicant was give the model a white undercoat.

These are the two different “fillers” for the gaps in the street barricades.

They could be used on their own as barricades or scenery without needing to use the full barricades.

Lots of nice detail in the models.

I think the truck works well.

Good underside detail too.

Barricade with the truck in situ.

I gave the street sections a basecoat of Humbrol Sea Grey.

The separate barricades, the truck and short barricade were given a basecoat of Warpaint German Armour.

The barricade with the overturned truck.