Ruined row of three houses

This is a Total Battle Miniatures resin casting which I am going to use for Flames of War.

This is how it looks on the Total Battle Miniatures website.

What you get , if you go for the unpainted version is a nice resin casting.

The first stage was to wash the resin to remove the mould lubricant and then clean the flash from the casting, especially the windows and the doors.

I gave the inside of the model a black undercoat and then masked the inside of the windows (with masking tape) before I give the model a white undercoat on the outer side of the model.

I then gave the model a white undercoat. The masking tape will protect the inside and keep it black.

I painted the stonework with Codex Grey (GW).

I then started on the basecoat of the various parts of the building, for the brown I used a Tamiya acrylic.

I used a thinned coat of paint, as I will be adding a drybrush and some washes.

Once I have finished painted the ruins, I think I will add some additional detrius, broken beams and so on to add a little more detail. I then started to paint in the details of some of the debris. Using Citadel Scorched Brown.

I did think about how to paint the roof of my Total Battle Miniatures ruined row of three houses, in the end I thought that terracotta tiles would look very effective, probably more so than slate. So I gave the roof tiles a basecoat of Citadel Terracotta.

Looking at the Total Battle Miniatures photograph, I might repaint the “complete” roof with grey slate.

Ruined row of three houses

I gave the remaining unapinted walls a basecoat of Citadel Base: Zandri Dust.