Ruined row of four houses

This is a Total Battle Miniatures resin casting which I am going to use for Flames of War.

This is how it looks on the Total Battle Miniatures website.

What you get , if you go for the unpainted version is a nice resin casting.

The first stage was to wash the resin to remove the mould lubricant and then clean the flash from the casting, especially the windows and the doors.

With a German JagdPanther to show comparative sizes.

And with some Hotchkiss H-39 tanks.

I gave the inside of the model a black undercoat and then masked the inside of the windows (with masking tape) before I give the model a white undercoat on the outer side of the model.

I then gave the model a white undercoat. The masking tape will protect the inside and keep it black.

I then started on the basecoat of one of the houses that forms part of the building, for the brown I used a Tamiya acrylic. I intend to use a lighter brown for the remainder of the model.

15mm ruined houses

I used a thinned coat of paint, as I will be adding a drybrush and some washes.

15mm ruined houses

Once I have finished painted the ruins, I think, as I mentioned with the row of three ruined houses, I will add some additional detrius, broken beams and so on to add a little more detail.

I did think about how to paint the roof of my Total Battle Miniatures ruined row of four houses, in the end I thought that terracotta tiles would look very effective, probably more so than slate. So I gave the roof tiles a basecoat of Citadel Terracotta.