Cromwell ARV

Like many AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) in World War Two, it was common practice to create a ARV (Armoured Recover Vehicle) from the chassis of a main battle tank currently in service. The Cromwell was no different.

Having seen this picture on the Flames of War website, decided that this was a really nice model.

So I decided to get a blister.

Photographs of Cromwell ARVs in action in France.

A Cromwell ARV towing a Panzer IV.
A Cromwell ARV towing a Panzer IV.

These are the resin and metal pieces.

I stuck the wading gear and hull MG to the hull and the front and rear trackguards to the tracks.

The tracks were then glued to the hull.

Next stage will be the white undercoat.

I next sprayed a basecoat of Humbrol Dark Green to the underneath of the model to add shadow when I do the main basecoat.

The idea is the keep the main part of the model with a white undercoat and the undersides to be darker than the rest of the model.

The view from the underside.

After that was dry I did the main basecoat of Warpaint British Armour.

As you can see the basecoat has not coated the tank completely. Looking at it, it might need a second coat, though I think a wash may solve some of the “white” problem.

In the end I did give the model a second coat.

I then started to painting the wooden equipment onboard the tank.

…and the tracks.