Vickers Dutchman

I have had this tank for sometime. Don’t remember the manufacturer. It actually took me a while to work out which tank this was exactly…

Mechanically similar to the Mark IV, though armament and other features were like the Mark II, the “Dutchmen” were a 1936 commercial version. 40 vehicles were sold to the Netherlands. All 40 were taken over by the War Office in 1939 before export. All vehicles were used for training only by the British Army. The term “Dutchmen” or “Dutchman” was an unofficial moniker.

Though never used in service, in the event of a German invasion (Operation Sealion) they probably would have been used to help defend the country.

After a bit of internet research I believe it is an old SDD miniature. Not convinced totally, but other miniatures in the box it was in carry SDD codes.

I gave the model a white undercoat.

As this is an infantry tank, using the Flames of War British Early War Paint Set I gave the model a basecoat of Brown Violet (887).

I think it might need a second coat.

I also need to think about how best to “hold” the model so I can paint it more easily. Got use to painting models with bases for a while now, vehicles (especially small 15mm vehicles) take a bit of getting use to.