Rolls Royce Armoured Car

The Rolls-Royce armoured car was a British armoured car developed in 1914 and used in World War I and in the early part of World War II.

At the outbreak of World War II, 76 vehicles were in service. They were used in operations in the Western Desert, in Iraq, and in Syria. By the end of 1941, they were withdrawn from the frontline service as modern armoured car designs became available.

Rolls Royce Armoured Car

So there I was flicking through issue 286 of Wargames Illustrated when I noticed in the Hellfire and Back battle report a wonderful looking Rolls Royce Armoured Car.

I’ve always liked the Rolls Royce Armoured Car and though this is a desert version, wondering if it wouldn’t take much to convert it for Home Guard use. I would need to convert the turrets back from the open ones used in the desert to the older closed ones. Of course it would be nice if a non-desert version of the Rolls Royce Armoured Car was sold as part of Blitzkreig, but I am guessing it won’t be.

It was in 1940, that 34 vehicles which served in Egypt with the 11th Hussars regiment had the “old” turret replaced with an open-topped unit carrying a Boys anti-tank rifle, .303 inch Bren machine gun and smoke grenade launchers.

However I have decided to use them as part of my Early War Brits and not convert the turrets. As I am intending to explain away the open turret by assuming that the reasons the “old” turret was replaced in the desert would be applicable in to an invaded England, the need to replace the standard machine gun with an anti-tank weapon and a Bren gun. Well that;s my story and I am sticking to it. I might convert them at a later date anyhow.

There are two models in the blister.

The model comprises (as with most Flames of War models) a resin body and metal components for the wheels. The turret is metal though.

Lots of nice detail on the model.

The models went together really easily.

The next stage was a white undercoat.

I gave the models a basecoat of Warpaint British Armour.