Epic Ork Airfield Defence Force*

* I know a more Orkish name would be more in keeping with the fluff…

The people from the epic40k.co.uk forums came up with some cracking ideas for vehicles.

They included:

  • Fuel Bowser
  • Ork firefighters (Maniakal Grotz with an excuse to sqkirt othuz)…
  • Ork ambulance equivalents (Something like “Mad Doc Jimbo’z Recycled Body Partz” or “Ork Boss Primark’s BBQ Wagun!”)…
  • Ork personnel transports to get the pilutz and crew out to the rokkit fightaz!
  • Ork mekanik kar…
  • Ork winch and mechanikal arm kar…
  • Ork bulldozah (or would they call it a squigdozah?) for clearing all of the “akksidentz” off the runway.
  • A luggage loader – to get the loot on and off (think airport suitcase baggage trains).
  • A huge set of steps for the pilots, complete with a egotistical flyboy perched on the top.
  • Recovery wagons, for carting crashed Fightas back to the Mek’s workshop…
  • Unarmed Wartraks for towing planes on the ground.

Starting from an Ork Wartrakk.

I cut the gunner off, which unfortunately was destroyed in the process.

One of the models is armed with a flak weapon from a Flakwagon. The other is towing a Big Gunz trailer with two bombs (lifted from a FW Ork Bomma).

The role of these vehicles is to support the function of the Flyboyz, but they are armed with light weapons and/or AAA weapons.

I am using the same basing structure as my Feral Orks to allow the models to be used with either army.

The metallic bits are then painted black.

The black parts were then drybrushed with Tin Bitz and Boltgun Metal. The models were then painted in browns and oranges and given a wash of Chestnut Ink, a little Bestial Brown and some water. Detailing was then added to the crew and other bits. The bases were Warmaster bases and were covered in GW’s sand mix, before painting Bestial Brown and drybrushing with Bleached Bone.

These models are starting off from Ork Flakwagons.

This is one attempt using the smoke launchers from the 40K scale Chaos Rhino, personally I think they look a little too high tech for the Orks.

Here is another one which looks more convincing using Space Marine era Basilisk guns.

This is my Ork Anti-Dropship Flakwagon.

The concept is that upon sighting an Imperial Dropship (or similar) it would fire all three rockets and attempt to take it down.

It is also used on the battlefield as a heavy artillery piece as well.

It is an Ork Flakwagon with the side panels cut off. A Hydra central unit (from the main weapon) is stuck onto the back and then three Pulsa Rokkits are stuck on that.

It could also be used as a Ork Soopagun.

These models are starting off from Ork Buggies.

They use Flakwagon weapons (which I had used as Trukks in other conversions). Though the one on the end is using a Big Gunz instead.

Here is a conversion of an Imperial Basilisk Hull (older model version) with a crane made from the claws of a plastic Ork Battlewagon. The hull was filled with green stuff and a dozer blade from Epic40k models was added to the front.

Imperial Guard Recovery Tank