Epic Feral Ork Squiggoth

Forgeworld have produced an epic version of their excellent giant Ork Squiggoth. It is a lovely model and very well detailed and was (at £15 when I bought it) in my opinion good value for money.

The model has quite a few parts.

As you can see it is significantly larger than the metal Epic40K Squiggoth.

I went for a black undercoat.

Forgeworld Epic Squiggoth

The model fits nicely on a 60mm base which I have given the same basing treatment as my Junkatrukks.

With a future model I may paint the armour panels in a similar style to my Junkatrukks but with this model I am going down the dirty rusty armour style.

The black painted armour was drybrushed with Tin Bitz and then a lighter drybrush of Boltgun Metal.

Forgeworld Epic Squiggoth

Here is the Squiggoth with its howdah on its back.

Next stage is to do the skin of the Squiggoth.