Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser

Sitting atop the Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser’s conning tower is one of the most unusual weapons to be created by Prussian engineers – the Pattern V ‘Speerschleuder’. This strange device, believed to have originated from a secret Teutonic Order development, is a massive launcher that hurls an immense metal spear over vast distances. While the harpoon normally only causes superficial damage, its true value is as a focal point for Tesla weaponry subsequently fired at the unfortunate victim. The spear acts as a huge lightning rod, drawing the worst effects of the devastating Tesla bursts through itself and into the hapless target, multiplying their destructive power.

This is how the Prussian Empire Konigsberg Class Battlecruisers look from the marketing material.

There are two models and they come in a single blister pack.

These are nice clean castings.

Not a lot of rear armament.

The turrets are metal and were glued into place.

One of the reasons I glued the turrets into place, was that they are quite small, and though I would like them to turn, I think they would fall off a lot and might get lost.

I gave the two models a white undercoat using a Citadel Skull White spray.

The next stage will be a basecoat of grey.