Hussar Class Gunship

The Prussian Hussar’s role is as obtuse as the Prussian aesthetic, and with two fore mounted turrets and an internal Tesla Generator, it is a ship to be feared from near or far. Deadly on approach and even more deadly within your ranks, the Hussar may lack the complement of assault marines other Prussian ships are known for, but it is by no means a ship to be ignored. Better to sink it fast.

This is how the Prussian Empire Hussar Class Gunship look from the marketing material.

There are three models and they come in a single blister pack. What I quite like is that they have smaller “Prussian” turrets, unlike other models which all use the same style of turret.

There are three castings in the blister pack. Like most of the Dystopian Wars miniatures I have these are very clean castings.

Here are the three Hussar Gunships.

I glued the two turrets to each of the threee ships.

I like the fact that these are smaller and different to the turrets you get on he bigger Prussian ships, like the Blucher Dreadnought.

Here are the three Hussar Gunships after giving them a white undercoat.

I then, using a hot glue gun, stuck them to some old paint pots for painting.