Arminius Class Frigates

The Prussian Frigate is a simple ship with a single turret and aft Tesla weapons. Squadrons of Frigates are often used to screen larger ships, combine their fire against enemy ships, and sometimes chase down vessels that have submerged below the ocean waves.

This is how they look from the marketing material.

There are six models and they come in a single blister pack.

These are very small models, but are very well detailed.

Following a white undercoat, the models were given a basecoat of a slighty thinned Tamiya Grey.

There is an impressive amount of detail on these small models.

The next stage was to give the models a wash of Citadel Shade: Nuln Oil.

Then I gave the models a drybrush.

Though for gaming purposes these are nearly finished, there are some bit that need some work. For example you can see here on the lower hull, where the ship was glued to the wooden stick it took some of the paint off when it was removed from the stick.

Here is the Prussian Empire Blucher Class Dreadnought along with two of the Arminius Class Frigates.

At this point I am happy with the ships as they are now, and are certainly usuable in games.

I do want to add some markings and I might add some more details, but will first try and get some more models painted first.