Olympic Class Troop Transport

The Olympic Liner is one of the largest passenger ships ever created. Built at the Proctor & Mercer Shipyards in Middlesbrough, these impressive vessels have carried people over the seas in style since 1861. A main selling point is the advanced technological design, and claimed robustness of the ship’s hull. However, the outbreak of world war saw many of the Olympic Liners refitted to fulfil the role of a troop carrier. With its pioneering keel design, the Olympic Class Troop Transport cuts through the water at high speed, allowing it to efficiently deliver thousands of troops to war zones around the globe.

This is how it looks from the marketing material.

When it was announced I thought to myself what a nice model. Perfect for many different types of Dystopian Wars scenarios and as general background scenery. However despite that positive thinking, I didn’t buy one and left it at that.

A few months later I found a blister of the model in my local gaming shop. The model itself is a one piece resin casting with metal masts.

My experience with most of the Dystopian Wars resin miniatures I have bought, they are excellent castings, with no air bubbles and virtually no flash.

The next stage was gluing in the fore and aft masts.

I gave the model a white undercoat using a Citadel white spray. This was a light undercoat. I then painted the superstructure with Vallejo Ivory. (918).

The hull was given a basecoat of Citadel Chaos Black.

I then decided to add a dark red to the hull where it (in theory) would be under the waterline.