Eagle Class War Rotor

The Eagle Class War Rotor is a marvel of Her Majesty’s Flying Corps and the pride of any pilot that is granted the honour of captaining one. Years of engineering have gone into the development of this flying behemoth, and the utilisation of hybrid rotor driven propulsion and Sturginium-enhanced Anti-Gravitation generators allows thousands of tonnes of British steel to glide into the sky above the battlefield, much to the horror of its foes.

This is how it looks from the marketing material.

The model itself comes in a blister.

The model comprises three large parts of resin and some small metal components.

The model went together quite easily.

Though the model did go together easily, there was quite a large gap in one of the wing roots, so I filled the gap with Green Stuff.

The model was then given a white undercoat.

I then started the basecoat, for which I used Citadel Boltgun Metal.

I then finished off the basecoat with Citadel Boltgun Metal.