US Navy PT Boats

The PT boats fought all over the globe, from Pearl Harbor to the Philippines, the Adriatic and Mediterranean and also in the English Channel. They achieved many successes, particularly in the last two years of the Pacific War they accounted for many stalking float planes and many hundreds of barges which were the lifeblood of the overextended Japanese army. This barge hunting was a gruelling business and needed a certain ruthlessness on the behalf of the American crews, Japanese soldiers and sailors being loath to surrender, hence a grizzly end to many a barge crew.

Attached to the cover of the January 2019 issue was a Cruel Seas US Navy PT Boats sprue from Warlord Games.

I made up the two boats and then gave them a white undercoat.

Looking over the internet I think I might copy this paint scheme from this blog.

American PT Boats for Cruel Seas

I sprayed the models with Humbrol Grey.

It didn’t cover too well.