Xiphon Interceptors

Fast and nimble by the standards of Imperial aircraft, the Xiphon Interceptor has been employed by the Space Marines since the days of the Great Crusade. Capable of combating the myriad threats the Imperium faces, the Xiphon can obliterate both air and ground targets with ease, ensuring the enemies of Mankind can never escape the Emperor’s wrath. Harder to take down than most fighters, and packing some serious firepower in the form of four lascannons and a missile array, Xiphon Interceptors will scythe through even the staunchest opposition. The frag missiles can be traded out for krak missiles to pound ground targets and with hunter-killer missiles for dogfighting supremacy. A squadron of these aircraft is more than a match for most foes, and this box gives you a whopping six of them with which to bolster your fleet.

There are three of these in the Wrath of Angels boxed set. These are the painted versions on the GW website.

There are three models on the single sprue you get in the Wrath of Angels boxed set.

In the separate boxed set you get six models.

I put the Xiphon Interceptors together. These were simple and very easy to put together.

I am thinking about getting some more. Though from a value perspective I am tempted to just get another Wrath of Angles boxed set rather than buy an individual box of models. I don’t think I need more than six.

Here is another view of the model.

I gave them a white undercoat.

The next stage will be the basecoat.