Storm Eagle Squadron

The Storm Eagle is an orbital assault craft employed by the Space Marines, equipped with a formidable weight of firepower. Rugged and durable, it possesses a high degree of operational flexibility that allows it to act in a number of roles if needed, from recon to long-ranged transport or interceptor. More like a bomber in stature and armament, Storm Eagle Assault Craft will prove themselves essential to every Space Marine flight commander. Armed with a quad lascannon, twin heavy bolter, and dual frag missile pods, the weight of firepower they produce is unmatched in their class. The missiles can be swapped out with ground-pounding dual krak missiles or aerial-assassin hunter-killer missiles, ensuring you’re prepared for the mission parameters.

There are two of these in the Wrath of Angels boxed set. These are the painted versions on the GW website.

There are two models on the single sprue you get in the Wrath of Angels boxed set.

If you buy them as the individual boxed set you also only get two, which makes it maybe better value to buy a second Wrath of Angels boxed set.

I have been spending some time putting the models together.

Storm Eagle

These were a little complicated to put together, but I got there in the end.

The rear view.

The next stage will be a white undercoat.