Reaver Battle Titan

Reaver Battle Titan with melta cannon and chainfist

I now have my boxed set of the Precept Maniple Battleforce and the set includes the Reaver Battle Titan.

The Reaver Titan forms the mainstay of most Titan Legions, and is a key component of many Adeptus Titanicus maniples. Swifter than its Warlord cousins and more durable than the smaller Warhounds, with a wide range of devastating weaponry, the Reaver Titan is the perfect addition to any battlegroup.

The kit comes with three sprues for the Reaver.

I started construction and have finished the core legs.

Reaver Titan legs

I will paint these before adding the shields on the legs.

I have been browsing the web, Instagram and Twitter looking at how people have been basing their Adeptus Titanicus titans. I was a little surprised by how many people were using Epic models and scenery.

The new Adeptus Titanicus is a different scale to the original Adeptus Titanicus (and Epic) with a figure scale of roughly 8mm compared to the 6mm of Epic. In other words a third larger!

However I knew I had a box of old Epic 40000 ruins sprues somewhere in the garage and went to hunt them down. I was a little surprised by how many of them I had in the box.

So I took some of the ruins and affixed them to the bases that came with the titans, focusing initially on the Warlord Titan and the Reaver Titan (as I had constructed their legs so had an idea of where I could put the scenic items.

I also used some plasticard strip, as well as a few spare parts I had from one of my Ork Aeronautica Imperialis model kits.

This is the Reaver Titan base.

Overall I quite like the bases.

Having done that I added some slate rubble from an old Warhammer 40 Urban Basing Kit. This I left to dry before then finishing off the base with some Citadel Sand.

This is the Reaver Titan base.

I then gave the base a white undercoat.

With some Titan legs.

I had given the legs of the Titan a basecoat of Leadbelcher.

Next step will be a basecoat for the base. I used Basilicanum Grey contrast paint as a basecoat.

It is recommended in the Adeptus Titanic Titan instructions to paint the legs before adding the armour plates. Looking at the armour plates I did think it might be challenging to paint the back of them once affixed. So I decided to follow the instructions and paint the legs first and then paint armour plates separately.

I also decided to paint the armour plates “on the bone” leaving them on the sprue. I gave the sprues a white spray undercoat on both sides, before giving the rear side of the plates a spray of Leadbelcher.

These are the Reaver sprues.

Still thinking about the actual paint scheme for the titans.

Having given the armour sprue of the Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Titan an undercoat I started painting the armour using Macragge Blue base paint.

I am painting on the sprues and will then attach to the Titan model later.

I started drybrushing and detailing the base.

Here is the base with the Reaver legs.