Third Age

A Full Thrust Scenario for Babylon 5 By John Ross

It was the dawn of the third age of mankind… those immortal words that we hear at the beginning of Babylon 5 prepare us for some of the best starship battle scenes in any TV series, though to be honest some of the latest episodes of Deep Space Nine show that Star Trek is catching up.

In this scenario, some way from Babylon 5, a Narn cruiser is on patrol in Narn space, when a Centauri cruiser jumps into the area and proceeds to attack the Narn ship.

When Centauri and Narn fight, they fight!

Designing these ships was difficult, as it would seem that starships (with a few exceptions) do not have screens or energy shields. This means that it would make sense to use the Kra’Vak armoured hull rules from More Thrust or you could assume that the armour of the ships is equivalent to screens.

Weapons as used by the major races on screen look like energy beams, as used in Full thrust, the only main exception does seem to be the Vorlons, but even this “organic” weapon does seem to be some kind of beam weapon. As for the Shadows weaponry it does look to be pretty impressive, has anybody got any Shadow ship rules out there?

These are my interpretations of the Babylon 5 ships and making them work within the Full Thrust rules framework, feel free to change what you wish.

MicroMachines have released quite a few models for Babylon 5 and it seems that no more are on the way. Agents of Gaming have released a range of metal miniatures.

What I have hoped to show here is a small starship battle as an introduction to playing Full Thrust in the Babylon 5 universe.