Deep Space Nine: The Ship

The Introduction

Crashed ship

This is a scenario based on the second episode of season five of Deep Space Nine, “The Ship”. Sisko and his friends, having travelled by Runabout, are surveying a planet, Torga IV, in the Gamma Quadrant when a Jem’Hadar warship crashes into a nearby mountain. Realising that this could be a real intelligence coup for the Federation, Sisko beams over to the crash site and starts to give the Jem’Hadar ship a proper look. Before you can say plot device, another Jem’Hadar warship enters orbit, blows the Runabout into pieces, and beams down a Vorta and a group of Jem’Hadar, let battle commence…

The Scenario

In this adaptation of the episode, we see Jem’Hadar fighting Star Fleet Personnel in a ground action. For figures, use other models, or even card counters. Scenery is as shown on the map, basically, the Star Fleet Personnel are surrounded on three sides, the remaining side is where the Jem’Hadar will attack…


The Jem’Hadar

The Jem’Hadar must take their downed ship, to prevent the Federation from realising its secrets.

Jem’Hadar First: Leader of the Jem’Hadar attack group, very experience fighter, armed with the standard Jem’Hadar energy rifle. Three Action Points.

Five Jem’Hadar Soldiers: each armed with the standard Jem’Hadar energy rifle. Two Action Points.

The Star Fleet Personnel

The Star Fleet Personnel must survive until turn ten, when help arrives (in the shape of the Defiant).

Captain Benjamin Sisko: commander of Deep Space Nine, well experienced and carries a standard Federation Phaser Rifle. Three Action Points.

Lieutenant Commander Worf: formerly the security officer on the USS Enterprise, a well-renowed fighter, and carries a standard Federation Phaser Rifle. Three Action Points.

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax: a trill who has lived many lifetimes, science officer on Deep Space Nine, a well-renowed fighter, and carries a standard Federation Phaser Rifle. Three Action Points.

Chief Miles O’Brien: Chief of Operations on Deep Space Nine, an excellent engineer, but not a bad fighter either, carries a standard Federation Phaser Rifle. Two Action Points.

Three Star Fleet Personnel: you know the ones that get shot… two are armed with standard Federation Phaser Rifle, one has a Hand Phaser. Each has Two Action Points.


You can of course use your own rules for this scenario, however I thought I would include some simple rules, which unashamedly are “borrowed” with some major modifications from Leading Edge’s ALIENS boardgame. They are based on a 6’x4′ table.


Each character has a number of wounds equivalent to their number of Action Points. If a character is wounded, you can either say it has no effect. This will require some book-keeping, you could say a wound reduces movement by 1″ and when firing the character must add 2 to the dice.

Turn Phase

Each turn each character may take the number of actions they have, they can use them to fire weapons, aim weapons, move, pick up weapons, etc…

Each turn the Jem’Hadar player and the Federation player take it in turns to move their characters, expending the first Action Point, they continue to take turns, using the second Action Point.

For example, the Federation player moves Dax 4″, the Jem’Hadar Player moves one of his Jem’Hadar soldiers (#1) a full move of 4″. The Federation player can then move another character (they are unable to move Dax as she has moved, so the Federation player makes Worf fire his Phaser). The Jem’Hadar player moves another of his Jem’Hadar soldiers (this time #2) this time only 2″.

Once all characters have expended one Action Point, characters can then expend their second Action Point. Once all characters, who can, have expended their second Action Point, they can utilise the third Action Point.

Action Points can not be held over.


Move 4″ for all Star Fleet Personnel.

Move 5″ for the Jem’Hadar.

Wounded characters reduce move by 1″

Moving across an obstacle costs 2″.


To fire measure the range check the number required, throw a D10, you need to get equal to or under to hit and wound.

Dice throws are subject to the following modifiers:

Aimed Shot -2
Target in open -1
Wounded +2

Federation Phaser – one wound

0-6″ 6-12″ 12-18″ 18-24″ 24-30″
7 5 3 ~ ~

Federation Phaser Rifle – two wounds

0-6″ 6-12″ 12-18″ 18-24″ 24-30″
9 7 6 4 2

Jem’Hadar Energy Rifle

0-6″ 6-12″ 12-18″ 18-24″ 24-30″
9 8 5 5 3

Hand-to-hand Combat

Once in base-to-base contact, a character must expend one Action Point to make a hand-to-hand attack, it costs no Action Points to defend.

Each character must roll a D10, subject to the following modifiers:

Sisko +1
Worf +2
Dax +2
Jem’Hadar First +2
other Jem’Hadar +1
Wounded -2

If the attacking character scores higher than the defending character, then the attacking character has caused one wound, if they score higher by equal to or more than four, then they have caused two wounds.

If the scores are equal then the result is a draw.

If the defending player scores higher than the attacking player then it is also a draw, but if they score higher by equal to or more than four, then they have caused a wound on the attacking character.

Solo Play

To play this game solo, the Jem’Hadar will move first and fire second each turn on a roll of 1,2,3 on a D6 and fire first and move second on 4,5,6. Each Jem’Hadar soldier will move towards the nearest Federation character.


If the Federation do not have at least four characters last until turn ten, or fail altogether, then the Jem’Hadar have won.

If the Federation get four or more characters to survive until turn ten, then the Federation have won.