Data’s Day

MicroMachines Romulan Warbird

Stardate 44390.1

Having been tricked by Sub-Commander Selek, a Romulan spy masquerading as the Vulcan Ambassador T’Pel into beaming her over to the Romulan Warbird Devoras in the Neutral Zone, Captain Picard and the Enterprise find themselves facing off against two warbirds with another three detected on long-range sensors heading their way. Despite the fact that T’Pel has escaped with highly classified information, Picard decided discretion is the better part of valour and withdraws. This scenario assumes Picard decided to stay and fight to stop vital Federation secrets getting into Romulan hands.

Initial Forces

Federation Player

USS Enterprise (NCC 1701-D Galaxy Class)

Romulan Player

Devoras and one other D’deridex Class Warbird)


Federation Player

USS Zhukov (NCC 62136 Ambassador Class)

Romulan Player

3 x D’deridex Class Warbirds

At the beginning of the game the Federation player rolls 1D6-3 to determine in which move the Zhukov arrives. The Romulan player rolls 1D6+3 to determine when his reinforcements arrive. All reinforcements enter from owning player’s table edge at any point. Roll for each ship’s initial velocity as per “Full Thrust” rules.


Federation player receives 4 VP for destroying the Devoras, 2 VP for destroying any other warbird, 2 VP is the Enterprise manages to leave the playing area via his own table edge and 1 VP if the Zhukov does the same.

The Romulan player receives 4 VP if the Devoras escapes via his own table edge 2 VP for destroying the Enterprise and 1 VP for destroying the Zhukov.

Optional Rule

The odds are clearly stacked against the Federation player in this scenario, especially if the Romulan player’s reinforcements arrive early. To compensate for this and reflect the skills of the Federation’s premier starship crew, allow the Enterprise (only) to use her full thrust rating to effect course changes and add one to the dice when firing her weapons.

The USS Zukhov

As the Ambassador Class starship is between the Excelsior and the Galaxy Class in terms of development, I suggest using the offensive weapons stats of the Galaxy Class and the Screens and Damage boxes of the Excelsior class for the Zhukov’s stats.