Boldly Going

Quick Scenarios for Star Trek Full Thrust

The purpose of this article is to offer players of Star Trek: Full Thrust some ideas for scenarios for playing a range of games over the whole canon of Star Trek.

These scenarios come from my own games, but also (unashamedly) I have stolen quite a few from the various times I have played the SFSFW’s participation game of Star Trek: Full Thrust at a variety of shows.

These scenarios are not fair (nor are they intended to be), fairness in battle is something you only ever see on the tabletop and never in real life (now I know Star Trek is not real life, but you get my gist).

The Original Series

Very few battles were ever seen in this show, mainly budgetary reasons, but also technical limitations.

Balance of Terror

The USS Enterprise (under the command of Captain James T Kirk) is nearing Romulan space when two Romulan Birds of Prey de-cloak and attack.

Kirk must attempt to defeat the Romulans.

Balancing the Terror

The USS Enterprise, USS Hood (constitution class) and USS Atlanta (frigate) move to protect a Federation colony from a Romulan attack by two Romulan Birds of Prey and two Romulan D7 Stormbirds.

The Next Generation

A bigger budget, meant that we saw more ships and more starship battles, but these were not fluid moving affairs; for example look at Yesterday’s Enterprise, the Klingons fly around what looks like a stationary Enterprise D (even though Picard orders evasive manoeuvres). Things did get better as we got towards the end of the season and the final battle in All Good Things with the “improved” Enterprise D and the two new Klingon battlecruisers is outstanding.

Wings of the Dove

A Federation spy has retrieved top secret documents from dissident Romulans and is heading back to Federation-held space. She is currently aboard the space station Deep Space Six (use DS9 stats), when three Romulan Warbirds de-cloak and launch an attack. On turn three, three Federation starships warp into the are to defend the station (a Galaxy class, a Nebula class and an Excelsior class). On turn seven, one extra Romulan Warbird will join the battle, another one will arrive on turn ten.

Surrender and prepare to be boarded…

This scenario is set in the alternate timeline see in the classic TNG episode Yesterday’s Enterprise. In the “real” timeline Federation ships are exploration ships, but in this alternate timeline they are ships of war; therefore you may wish to upgrade the Federation starships. A Klingon attack fleet comprising at least ten ships (they should have quite a few Birds of Prey) is attacking a Federation convoy consisting of five starships and six freighters. The Klingons win if they destroy all the freighters. It is debatable if the Klingons have Vor’Cha Attack Cruisers in this alternate timeline (depends on which models you have).

Deep Space Nine

Very few battles were ever seen in the early days of this show, but since then I have seen some of the best starship battle scenes ever to appear on a Star Trek show – notably The Way of the Warrior and Shattered Mirror. This combined with CGI techniques and growing tension between the Federation and the Klingons bold well for more battles in future episodes. With the release of new MicroMachines for this show, there is now no excuse for not boldly staying where no one has stayed before…

With the Dominion War we have seen huge battles between major fleets… incredibale stuff.

A Good Day to Die

The USS Defiant on patrol near Klingon held Cardassian space is constantly attacked by a number of Klingon Birds of Prey (B’Rel and Ka’Vort Class vessels). On the first turn the Defiant is attacked by a Ka’Vort Class Bird of Prey, then each turn roll a D6, on a score of 1, 2, 3 or 4 no extra ships, a score of 5 a B’Rel Class swoops in to the attack, and on a score of 6 a Ka’Vort Class will swoop in. How many turns can the Defiant last under this barrage?

Dukat’s Revenge

Gul Dukat commands a Cardassian fleet with the aim of capturing Deep Space Nine, which whose only defence is the USS Defiant and three Federation Runabouts. The Cardassian fleet comprises two Liburnian and four Galor class warships. Each threshold check DS9 should roll a 2D6 on a roll of 2 or 12 the space station surrenders.


In many ways similar to Deep Space Nine, CGI techniques now allow much more freedom for starship combat sequences. Some of the battles between the Voyager, the Borg and Species 8472 are amazing.

Kazon Crazy I

USS Voyager is under attack from a fleet of Kazon ships and Kazon fighters (use as many you’ve got, see how long Voyager can last under the bombardment).

Kazon Crazy II

Play the scenario as above, but at the end of turn 3, roll 2D6, on a score of 12 a spatial temporal rift has happened (see below). Otherwise roll again on turn 4, this time needing 11 or 12, on turn 5 you will need 10, 11 or 12, turn 6 onwards you will need 9, 10, 11 or 12. When there is a spatial temporal rift both Voyager and the Kazon fleet are thrown into the Alpha quadrant straight into the path of four Federation starships (one Miranda class, one Nebula class and two Excelsior class).


All these scenarios can be changed and altered to suit your own collection of models (you can always substitute one type of ships for another, Paramount do it all the time). I hope you enjoy the ideas and have some good games.